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Welcome to Forget-Me-Not handpainted pet headstones and memorials. My name is Marion Walker and I am a retired Interior Designer and an animal lover. After losing Bart, my kitty of 15 years I wanted to place a special headstone at his grave. I decided to handpaint one for him. The response to my labor of love was amazing. Friends and family encouraged me to think about offering this special service to others and that is how Forget-Me-Not came to be. I realize that the loss of a pet is one of the most difficult times in your life. It is my desire to paint that very special memorial for your friend. Each headstone is made of Genuine Idaho Diamond Slate. I then lovingly handpaint each one with your specified information. So let me help you to memorialize your pet in a very special way. Thank you for your visit. ~Marion

Marion Walker
A friend sent this note of consolation to me when my sixteen year old cat, Bart died. Hopefully it will ease your grief somewhat, as it did me:

We can only love them while they're here and when they're gone, remember the joy and love they gave us in return"
Prices are $80.00
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Here are some examples of my work. You may see even more of my headstones by clicking on the link below.

More Headstones

 Genuine Idaho Diamond Slate Pet HeadstoneTell me what you desire on your memorial and I shall do my best to serve you.

Each headstone is cut from Genuine Idaho Diamond Slate. Sizes do vary to fit your needs, however those pictured above are approximately 10"H. x 12"W. Colors and small graphics can vary also. I recognize that if your need is for a memorial for your parrot "Polly", you may not wish kitty cat paws upon your stone. To order I will need a few specific pieces of information. Send me the name of your pet, the year of birth, the year of death, type of animal, and any other information you feel necessary. As this is a very personal and special item, I recommend that you call me and we can discuss exactly how best to fill your need. You may reach me by phone at

Trouble came and stayedPlease allow me to aid you in your time of grief


Ordering & Contact Information

Marion Walker
6034 E. Hayden Lake Road
Hayden, Idaho. 83835


~All of my headstones and memorial prices Include shipping and handling within the lower 48 states. A "custom" headstone can be made for your pet using a photo of your pet....I will handpaint a picture of your pet in color on the stone. Price: $80.00~ 2-3 week delivery. To place an order or if you have any questions, you will need to call me at the number above. I accept checks or money orders for your convenience. Please send pictures and check to the address above.


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Forget-Me-Not Pet Headstones & Memorials
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